Bluish gray pig

Character Bio Edit

Truffles is a grey-blue boar. He has a pig snout, tusks, hooves, a unique ear shape, and a twisted tail. He also wears sailor-like clothing.

He was one of the two candidates for being the new Happy Tree Friends character, but he lost to the other candidate, Lammy. However, despite losing, he still makes a very brief cameo in Lammy's debut episode A Bit of a Pickle and some episodes afterward. It is possible he may be introduced in a future episode. His biggest appearance yet is in Clause For Concern, where he is seen unhidden for the first time, moving his body, and showing a new facial expression: a smile. This could be further evidence that he may become a main character in the future. Another piece of evidence might be that he has officially been seen dead, in All in Vein and later in By The Seat Of Your Pants.

Truffles is implied to have a spoiled brat-type personality. This was first hinted by his default grumpy-looking face and an image of him blowing a raspberry, indicating that he may be short-tempered or rude. One of his concept sketches describes him as a "little brat" and "always trying to one up" (do better than other people). 

Truffles got around 70,000 votes while Lammy & Mr. Pickles got around 100,000 votes. Truffles himself has made more episode appearances than Lammy and Mr. Pickles, despite the fact they were the physical contest winners. Nonetheless, the combined screen time of Lammy and Mr. Pickles far exceed that of Truffles.