Toothy is a light purple beaver with a big heart. Toothy is the most clumsy character out of them all along with Lumpy. He is seen to be clumsy in the episodes Eye Candy, where he trips over a log, and then falls off a tree, He is generally a very friendly and kind character who likes to play around now and then, particularly with the younger characters. His first friend ever was Lammy, but it was not explained on the real wiki of Toothy. He admires Splendid (possibly when Splendid saved him in the episode Better Off Bread), and even dresses up as him for Halloween. He is good friends with Cuddles as seen in Spin Fun Knowin' Ya, Class Act, From A to Zoo, Remains to be Seen, Who's to Flame?, Take a Hike, Snow Place to Go, Blast from the Past, Can't Stop Coffin, Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part 2), Party Animal, Concrete Solution, Wrath of Con and the Strain Kringle. He is also good friends with Giggles, Sniffles, Lumpy, and Petunia. Toothy is one of the primary characters in the show, as he appears in many commercials and advertisements.

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