Lammy and Mr. PicklesEdit

A lavender sheep, or possibly a lamb, with a tuft of white wool on her head. It's a little hard to see, but she doe

Lammy & Mr. Pickles

s have a tail similar to her head wool. She also wears a white wool jumper and a purple ribbon in her "hair". Being a sheep/lamb, Lammy bleats instead of laughing, as well as when she's in a panic, as shown in the episode "A Bit of a Pickle." her first victim is unclear. whether it was Petunia or Flaky is up to debate. So far, she's survived in every episode she's ever been in.

Mr . Pickles is normally an average pickle, but through Lammy's eyes, he wears a top hat, has a curly mustache, and sometimes carries a cane. He's always smiling, but his personality is very similar to Flippy (while he's Flipped Out) in the fact that he kills almost everyone in sight except for Lammy. His first victim is either Petunia or her teddy bear, depending on what episode it is. He doesn't seem to have any shame in what he does, for he always has a smile.

Personality: Lammy's personality is kind, caring, playful, and silly. She gets along with almost all the Happy Tree Friends characters, and sometimes Lumpy. Lammy is good friends with Toothy, Cuddles, Russell, Nutty, Giggles, Petunia, Mr Pickles, Flaky, and Handy, although her real wiki page doesen't mention she is friends with all of them, but she is. Lammy considers Toothy as her best buddy, since they both can be silly, kind, and funny sometimes. This makes sense since Toothy is the first character that Lammy becomes friends with, although it's not explained in the real wiki.

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